About SBA

We consult in the field of strategy development and effective implementation of Public Relations activities. Our offer includes : corporate communication, crisis management and Public Affairs.

We translate impact of relations with the environment to business effectiveness. We know, that corporate success depends from people who make decisions every day: clients, who buy products; committeed employees; stable business partners and media .

Michał Szapiro

I am the man of communication practice, theory and passion. Man of practice, because my whole professional life is connected with Public Relations market. Man of theory, because I devote a lot of time to that area – I write, talk, lecture and train. Man of passion, because I am fascinated by interpersonal relations – their positions, needs, how they interpret situations to make ultimate decisions.

I have worked in national and international agencies, from a trainee to a manager. I performed orders and distributed tasks. I developed strategies and implemented them.

I was awarded the MBA Executive title by the Warsaw School of Economics and University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management. I am the Master of Economy specialising in International Economics and political relations. I am also the graduate of the London School of PR by the Association of Public Relations Companies and I have completed the Post-graduate PR Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Karol Schwann

I have been involved with the PR sector for over six years. I wrote about its challenges, development directions and various aspects of communication as an editor, and then editor in chief of the PRoto.pl service

Over the years I delivered many reports describing and analysing the Polish PR market. It is analysis and data understanding which is the most fascinating challenge, faced by brands every basis when making business decisions. and in fact, we want to support them together with Michał.

I am the graduate of political sciences with specialisation in political marketing of the Journalist and Political Sciences Faculty of the Warsaw University.