We help companies build their strong reputation, to support implementation of their business objectives.

We support internal and external communication both  in the course of current operation of the organisation, and at the times of key importance for its development, such as mergers, takeovers or restructuring.

We know how to effectively design and implement campaigns in the Corporate Social Responsibility.

Reputation Management

Change Management Communication

Internal Communication


Insuline Producer

Management of the press office, promotion of the new business strategy and current operational activities

Law Firm

Expert positioning of lawyers and communication support of projects conducted by the law firm

Industrial Company

Support in B2B promotion by developing multimedia references from key clients

Business Forum

Promotion of events in media, press office management and coordination of cooperation with foreign partners

Producer of Household Cleaning Products

Press office management, expert positioning of the Management Board and product communication


New corporate website creation and press offce management

Aircraft Producer

Press office and communication support for a new product

Railway Carrier

Organisation of events for media and press office management

Producer of Household Appliances

Social media management, preparation of the social report

Food Chain Retailer

Communication support in the process of ownership divisions

Brewery Group

Product communication support for four beer brands

Insurance Institution

Press office management and communication support of new product launches

Advertising Agency

Media relations

Global FCMG Producer

Corporate communication and investment communication in Poland

Shop Chain

Press office

Pharmaceutical Group

Press office and corporate communication

Windows Producer

Press Office and support of B2B events

Extraction Company

Communication support of operations in Poland

Homecare Company

Corporate communication, support of activities on foreign markets, training

Financial Services

Press office, expert positioning

Disasters, human errors or negative market events can in a blink undermine the company’s operation. In such situations quick and effective reaction is crucial.

We manage comprehensively crisis communication – develop procedures, coordinate the crisis team actions, draft media statements and necessary documents.

We develop and implement strategies for the post-crisis reconstruction of corporate image. We run crisis training with simulation of potential negative events and methods of their handling.


Development of crisis manuals

Crisis communication management

Training and sumulations

Strategies for corporate image reconstruction

TelCo Developer

Communication management of shareholders dispute

Brewing Company

Company's support in couirt proceedings and shareholders disputes

Brokerage House

Development of the crisis communication strategy

Homecare Company

Coordination of crisis communication in Poland and abroad

Renewable Energy

Coordination of crisis communication at the local level and rebuilding of positive attitude towards the investment

We identify stakeholders at the local level and centrally.

We establish relations and promote communication with associations representing business, media, authorities and third parties.

We help engage and build coalitions for promoting investments underway and other business projects.

Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder Communication Management

Social Sentiment Analysis

Legislation Monitoring


Coordination of contracts with representatives of local authorities in the investment process, communication with local communities

Consulting Company

Monitoring of discussions regarding planned legislative changes

Pharmaceutical Company

Programme of decision makers engagement at the local and nation-wide levels

Grid Developer

Programme of support building, actions to strengthen negotiation position


Programme of building support for investments

Retailers Chain

Communication support in the region

We develop comprehensive research papers, laying grounds for effective launch of actions or modification of the implemented communication strategy.

We analyse market situation, media publications  and operations of competitors . We monitor economic issues and legislation, crucial for company operations.


Media Audits and Perception Studies

Reports on Brand and Companies Communication

Competitor Monitoring

Monitoring of Social Debates

FMCG Producer

Development of report on competitor Public Relations activities

Financial Services

Media perception study


Pre-investment audit of local communities sentiments